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Flapperfest II


Saturday, September 13th, 2014

6:30 pm til 9:30 pm

After Party and Photo Review – 9:30 pm til 10:30 pm




Models with attitude, dramatic lighting, costumes and props, all combine

to take you beyond the group model shoot or a traditional workshop…

a photographic experience not to be missed!




Timetravel to the 1920's where our stages will be set with period backdrops and lush lighting… and our cast of characters will appear…
part pose, part performance, and each photographer will have the opportunity to interact with the models, collaborate and also direct as needed.

Robin will provide one-on-one instruction with each student, discuss techniques, review camera settings, and answer questions. After the shoot, we will gather for a fun after-party and review a few of our favorite shots from the evening. 


All students may bring a tripod and also their preferred method of downloading a few images that we can share and discuss informally as a group.


Robin has created this unique environment, tailored for the way she likes to shoot, based on her long experience in the field of dramatic photography, shooting with actors and models, and also creating historical and fictional book covers. In addition to being amazingly fun, this format utilizes techniques to simplify the difficulties of shooting live stage performances, and also removes the limitations of a static studio portrait scenario. The world she creates is a blending of extremes, one that transports us to another era and inspires both the photographer/observer and the model/performer, fostering a collaborative opportunity to work together, and understand how creative photography meets from both sides of the camera.


FLAPPERFEST 2013 – ©Umit Yuksel


Workshop will be held in Atlanta, GA and final directions and details will be provided for all registered participants.


For more information please contact Robin.




For more workshops and events, please visit The Third Eye, Photographic Adventures and Workshops.™


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