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North Georgia Wine Country


Saturday, August 23rd at 10:00 am – Sunday, August 24th at 4:30 pm



*The workshop price includes fun wine tastings, dinner on Saturday evening, and Sunday Brunch… all locally produced from the land.


Experience a sense of place much like Robin's workshops in Italy, with personalized instruction and visits to her favorite Georgia vineyards, lush countryside locations and scenic views of the Etowah River. Cooler Mountain altitudes are perfect for the grapes that will be full and ripe on the vines, right before harvest time.


Fun and inspiring explorations with your equipment let you create great shots in natural lighting conditions with in-camera settings, not dependent on post production effects. We will project our images as a group to review the days progress, and look at a short presentation on some in camera effects that can strengthen your approach to photography, as you are making the image. Subtle adjustments in composition and exposure can make the difference between an OK photograph and a stunning one.


Robin will also share her techniques and examples of work from her Vineyards series:



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When Viticulture is done well, it sits with harmony over the landscape…
it gently embraces the heart of the place and harnesses something remarkable, and the results are wines that speak to us.


It is the language of the Earth communing with the soul of man.


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Workshop price includes two days of instruction, visits to favorite locations, wine tastings, Saturday's gourmet dinner and Sunday Brunch. 


More details, and directions will be sent to registered attendees, as well as the recommended hotel and contact information to reserve your accommodations. Transportation, hotel, other meals, and personal expenses are the responsibility of the participants are not included in the price of the workshop.


For more information please contact Robin.







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