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Oakland Cemetery – The Unseen Side!



SUNDAY AFTERNOON, October 26th  –  4 pm til 9pm


248 Oakland Ave SE (off Memorial Drive SE)

Atlanta, GA 30312-2220


We will be offered behind the scenes access, and an “inner sanctum” tour of Atlanta's visually spectacular and most beloved Oakland Cemetery.


As mausoleums are unbolted and the ornate doors slowly creak open, we will embark on an otherworldly photographic adventure, where we will be visited by a spectral cast of phantom characters, from ghostly lovelies to wandering confederates, and special surprise guests will be revealed.


Inspiration, composition and design will flow, as we work with photogenic models set in dynamic architectural spaces. We'll study the play of changing light, "as daylight til twilight fades," then stay on after dark as the candelabra are lit… If you dare!


Robin will review unusual combinations of camera settings for unearthly visual effects and reveal her special techniques for creating images rich in mood and mystery.  She'll also discuss her thoughts on paranormal photography – you never know what your camera might capture in these unvisited realms!


For more information call (404) 788 9090 or email: ROBIN


Robin Davis Photography Workshop Oakland Cemetery Atlanta GA Georgia Cemetary The Third Eye Photo Creepy

Examples of some images from our last workshop

that illustrate new techniques that you will learn.



Image credits:

Top Left – Crysta in Contemplation © DAMARA DAVIDSON

Top Center – Amy and Urn © ROBIN DAVIS

Top Right – Robin as a Silhouette © GINA JORDAN WHITE

Bottom Left – Amy in the Mausoleum © ROBIN DAVIS

Center – The Vampire Queen © DAMARA DAVIDSON

Bottom Center – Keith as Confederate Soldier © ROBIN DAVIS

Bottom Right – The Story Unfolds © GINA JORDAN WHITE

Befana the Witch – © ROBIN DAVIS



Robin Davis Photography, The Third Eye Photo, Workshops, photograpy workshops, Robin Davis, Oakland Cemetery, Oakland, Cemetery, Cemetary, Atlanta GA GeorgiaOakland Workshop Group Photo by Robin



© 2011 Stephen Brownlee – Photo of Robin
from her Haunted Savannah Workshop


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